September 18-20, 2018

Expert advice to find more peace, ease, presence and spaciousness in your family

The free Online Conference hosted by Michelle Gale, author of Mindful Parenting in a Messy World and a phenomenal group of mindfulness experts took place from September 18-20th. It is now available for purchase

This conference is for you if:

  • You are looking for practical ways to weave mindfulness into your daily life.
  • You are struggling to manage digital addictions in your home.
  • You are seeking relief from the guilt of imperfect parenting.
  • You would like to understand and manage your own heightened emotional responses to your children and stress.

Join 15 of the most respected thought leaders in mindful living as they share practical tips to help you reconnect with your children and yourself.

September 18, 2018

Cultivating resilience and mindfulness through a better understanding of ourselves and our loved ones.

Ashanti Branch
The Masks Our Boys Live In

Jason & Cecilia Hilkey
Sibling Struggles & Solutions

Allison Kenny
The Complex Social Lives of Girls

Susan Kaiser Greenland
Mindfulness Games for Kids

Rick Hanson
The Power of Resilience

September 19, 2018

Exploring our relationship to our inner world, emotions, and parenting struggles through the lens of mindfulness.

Mark Coleman
Taming the Inner Critic

Eve Ekman
Understanding Emotions

Laura Markham
Peaceful Parenting

Mike Robbins
Mindfulness & the Working Parent

Cat Li Steveson
Lessons from a Mindful Parent

September 20, 2018

Looking at our families’ physical and inner health, as well as digital addiction, through the lens of mindfulness.

Mark Bertin
Mindful Parenting for ADHD

Christine Carter
Exploring Digital Addictions

Andrew Dunn
Our Relationship with Technology

Heidi Skye Keller
Creating Positive Health Esteem

Shefali Tsabary
Conscious Parenting